Two GTX low RPM. Is it possible the battery is the cause?

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I have two skiis. A 2000 GTX and a 2001 GTX. Took the 01 out of storage today. Wouldn't start at all (dead battery). Put a suspect battery in it, and it started but won't run over about 2500 RPM. Brought it home. Tried the same battery in the 2000 GTX and it also won't get over about 2500 RPM. It was also in storage.

Seems odd that both skiis start with this battery...but won't get over 2500 RPM. Could a weak'ish battery cause this? Even if both skiis start off of it?

Seems weird both skiis doing the same thing, only thing that is common is the battery...

Would putting a car battery in the ski (just to test, not connected to a running car) damage anything?

Anyone think I'm on the wrong track...?

Any tips would be appreciated.

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