trouble with 1995 SeaDoo trim relay

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John Martin

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I am trying to find out where the 2 wire go from the trim relay on 1995 seadoo xp. I know 1 has a fuse in line but cannot figure out where the other wire attaches .
Which wires are you talking about? There are black/orange and green/orange wires between the VTS motor and VTS module, and then there are three wires between the VTS housing and switch on the handlebars. There are two wires that go from the housing to the VTS gauge, and then there are three wires that go from the housing to the grey E-box. The solid black goes to the ground, the purple/white goes to a bullet connector on one of the purple/tan wires in the E-box, and the red/purple goes to the relay. That should cover every wire relating to the VTS system...
Sorry for the confusion on what wires. I am talking about inside the electrical box.
I am going to try and attach a picture with arrows pointing to the 2 wires.
Thank you

Jeremy I have attached an actual picture of my electrical box with the wire I have the question about where it is attached. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.



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I believe that should go to one of the terminals on the solenoid, but it looks like there was some wire splicing done at some point, so make sure that is the red wire coming from the VTS housing.
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