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I like OEM...but the thumb needs to go on my wifes ski. I really not liking the look of the "bike" style throttle control on the market. Id like to somehow slide the thumb one around so it will be a finger one. But it will bot match up to the handle bar boot then.

Has anyone seen or found a way to make the stock OEM thumb throttle work for fingers?


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Can anyone tell me what brand or models the ones circled are? And do they sit up to factory handle bar padding?


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The one at the bottom is OEM Yamaha and no.
The two top ones are made the fit the factory bar pad but I don’t know the brand.
@Matt Braley is the expert on these.
The 2 black ones with the handle bar pad attachments/covers are made by GT Manufacturing.

Coastal & Thumb Saver brands are similar to the GT models(knock offs). I came across the Coastal finger throttle and bought it years ago and I love that thing! Was anodized in clear. So it looks like chrome.

One of those finger throttles will set you back about 100 bux. Riva Racing, I believe, has these same style throttles your looking for with the pad cover. But that will cost you 200 clams.
Just my 2 cents,,,when my son and I decided to get into racing. many moons ago, 1997, he was 17, ( 800 novice, then expert)), we tried the fad/preferred finger throttle, and we tried the stock thumb, on land, on the trailor, in my garage,,,,,fortunately, we both agreed that the thumb felt better, fortunately because we only had one boat, that I also rode and tuned, later I rode novice when he went to expert.
What we both found was that when you are on the back stretch, pinned, in very rough waters, going 60 mph,,,and hanging on for dear life, to prevent becoming a rag doll hitting the water, at 60 (mph), you are able to hold on to bar with all 4 fingers, and the thumb freely controls the throttle.,,what we both found, is that with finger throttle, you are gripping hard onto the bar to hold on, but this wants you stay on the throttle, when at any moment, you may need to lay off the throttle.
I slightly modified the stock seadoo lever so that the retaining pin would not brake, which is what is going to happen, I made my own metal, not plastic pin to secure the thumb lever,,,,and now, 15 years later that same very tumb lever prevails..your wife, in my opinion, is better off.
I would stick with the thumb, but the stock plastic partial pins will break under continued harsh conditions.,,that happened to us in our VERY FIRST novice
And sticking with stock will save you $'s.
Just my 2 cents.

I just saw this message, and thanks for the feedback. But we are not into racing so I dont see those flaws being a problem for us.

I found this on ebay, Finger Throttle Lever Housing Sea Doo XP | eBay

And it allows the aftermarket finger throttle to be installed with the same handlebar pad to give a clean factory look. I haven't installed it yet, but test fit it and looks spot on.

Thanks again.
I have to vote for the stock thumb lever too. My reason is because your fingers can go numb after holding the finger throttle for a long ride. My ultra150 has the finger throttle and your fingers will fall asleep, so you have to re-position to a weaker grip or take a break. The sea doo thumb control on my XP doesn't have the same effect, and when you do have to re-position you can use the heel of your hand against the throttle.
Late to this thread, but I'm scouring the internet for a solution to the opposite problem. Is it possible to convert a finger throttle to a thumb throttle? My older bike has the thumb and my new 2021 has the finger. I've already been seeing an orthopedic Dr. about pain in the knuckle of the middle finger. After driving my new ski one day, my knuckle was swollen and killing me and he has warned me about getting "trigger finger" requiring surgery. Surely there's a way to switch it to the thumb????? Thanks in advance
We tried the finger with after market hardware,,,and reverted back to the thumb,,,reason being,,,on a back stretch,,,going 55mlh,,,crazy waves,,,and you want to hold on,,,but feather the throttle,,,the thumb grip always wins…
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