Tampa Bay Lightning Player Alex Killorn Goes Viral


Alex Killorn, Professional Hockey Player for the Tampa Bay Lightning has become the breakout influencer of the year on Instagram by doing live videos from his Sea-Doo GTR! After the hockey season was suspended, Alex turned to bay for what he thought would be a one-off video where he answers fan questions and joked with teammates, then the internet did its thing.

Now 3 episodes in, “Dock Talk with Killer” is a hit within the hockey and sports industry and has captured national media attention. Alex takes his Sea-Doo GTR around Tampa and meets up with other teammates and athletes in the area to ask them a variety of questions while these athletes are at home. After joking about being an influencer, Alex has now influenced 3 friends into purchasing Sea-Doo watercrafts and joining in on the fun.

Along with all of the Sea-Doo fun on the water, Alex is using his new hit as a way to raise money for a good cause. He now sells “Dock Talk” shirts with 100% of profits going to the Hillsborough Education Foundation for kids who have been affected by Covid -19.

To check out Alex’s Dock Talk videos, check out his Instagram:

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over in the cove in tampa bay - clearwater side - never saw pwc on the water in this area oddly enough. Now since march, it's been busy all the time - usually a half dozen can be seen tooling around on a daily basis