Steering cable replacement question

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2002 GTX. The steering cable locking nut failed (broke). I'm an older guy working off a lift at lake ozark (no trailer or place to take out) it won't steer worth a darn.
Can I take the turn buckle off, pull the cable out from the inside, partially screw in the new locking nut with oring and half rings and slide the cable back through to the drive side and then tighten the nut. Or do I have to have the tool and put everying on the cable first from the outside and then tighten? Thanks guys
Remove Eye end
Remove the split halves and o ring seal
Pull cable into bilge
Extract broken nut thread section try the metal handle section of a hand file to turn it out
Installation is reverse , use a aluminum or brass style cable nut
Ok so if I understand right, I can put the new nut, split halves and seal back in (after getting the plasctic out of the threads), and then push cable from the bilge side back through and then tighten the nut, hook up steering etc? I don't really need the "extended socket tool".
The split halves clamp onto the steering cable and held in there position by the nut
The seal goes on cable first then the halves then the nut over the halves then push the cable forward to engage nut

After removal of broken nut push the cable aft throw hole in hull and you’ll see a groove on cable where the split halves fit onto cable
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