Speedster Boat Cover


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Since the Speedster has transitioned from an ugly pile of greasy corroded junk parts to a sleek stiletto water carver :D :D I decided to begin using the cover I bought over a year ago. I remember from my Son's Speedster in 1997 the cover will fill with water and stress it. We had to figure ways to get the water out and eventually placed boards across the hull to support the cover so it wouldn't sag and fill with water.

My questions is "What do you do to stop this from happening?"

I have some ideas but want to keep it simple. It is going to rain tomorrow and I have all sorts of contraptions under the cover to mitigate the problem. I'm not sure fighting the water is the solution, more directing the water is a good simple solution. Input is appreciated

Speedster Cover.JPEG
I found some adjustable stands designed to lift the cover to keep the rain/water from pooling in low areas. I'm gonna decide which one I want to get. I'll post up.
I bought adjustable poles on amazon.

Cool, I'm mulling over which ones I should buy. :) So the goal is to have the water shed from the cover onto the ground outside the boat. My concern is that the water will pool somewhere on the cover and damage the cover. Currently I'm considering 2" x 4"s :D :D I've made some rigs with small step ladders, buckets, etc.... LOL I've looked at the ones you've ordered and one other set I like. I think the ones you have will work. I'll probably order them in the next few days. Thanks for posting up.