Seized 587

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96 GTS ran ok. Next day wouldn’t turn over. Could not move by hand. Could a wrist pin have come loose and jam the piston?
Pull the pump off and see if things turn over.

You have two mechanical systems, motor and pump, that are directly tied together. The jet pump will keep the motor from turning if it has a stick, rock, octopus etc jammed in it.

Remove the pump first then give us a call back with what you find.
Looked in pump, saw no obstruction. Pulled plugs, no water in there. Still wouldn’t turn over. Put a pipe wrench on shaft and it would barely move 1/4” fore and aft. Made a clanking sound. Last ran on ramp to blow out water. Next day, wouldn’t turn over. I had trouble getting in the circlips while replacing the front cylinder and piston. Wonder if the wrist pin drifted over.
Pulled pump and motor. Lifted out motor vertically, then turned pto. Motor turned over freely. Sopped oil out of crankcase and fished out a circlip ! Never found the needle bearing. Maybe the circlip got between the crank and bearings and fell free when I lifted out motor?
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