Seen this on a Scupper Valve before?

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I don't know why but my scupper valve has this cover over it. It doesn't look stock. The scupper valve is hooped. I need to replace it but have to remove this cover first.

Also a bit confusing is the fact that there are TWO scupper valves under this cover. I thought there was only one? They both have hoses leading forward but I haven't traced them both yet. I have confirmed that the two deck drains are linked together so I'm not sure what the second scupper would be used for.

This is a 1994 Speedster that I picked up as a project. It hasn't been in the water for 6 years. But it was pretty full of water in the hull! Handy hint, remove the drain plugs when you park your boat!

I need to pull the engines and fuel tank so that I can properly clean all the slime out of the bilge. It is DISGUSTING.

After that I'll put two new batteries in and cross my fingers that I get 2 beeps and the MPEM is good! Because as you probably know, the 1994 Speedster MPEM is a one-off that isn't similar to any other MPEM.

So, can anyone think of a good reason to leave this cover on?
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