Seadoo wont start

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Hey guys, so this weekend was the first weekend I brought the Seadoo out to the lake. It works for the majority of the day doing a good few runs. Then at the end of the day, when I went to start it to put it back up on the trailer, it wouldn't turn over. You could hear it trying to turn over, but the turnover sound kept slowing down the more I held the button. Is this an issue with the battery? What could this be?
I tried to dry start it now a few days later, and it won't even turn over at all. The red light comes on and beeps when you put the key in, but it won't turn over
To be honest with you, no I haven't. I just discovered this problem on Sunday, I've been busy working all week. That night after we went, I tried to start it and it started in the garage. I dry start. But now a few days later I tried to start it again, and absolutely nothing. This is my first Seadoo so I really don't have much experience with these things
Make sure you dont jump start it. It could fry the MPEM (brain of the seadoo)
No I wont do that. But is there anything that this kind of scenario points in the direction of as to what the problem may be ?
Could be as simple as a bad battery. I would start there and then move forward.
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