seadoo starts and dies right away

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Hi guys. So three weekends ago now my Seadoo tips and was flipped in the water for a while. The engine was hydrolocked and had to be dried out. After it dried out it was still giving me problems. It would start and die start and die. After I finally got it started, the second you touch the gas it would die again.
I finally got it running now for a couple of weekends. It ran flawlessly all day last weekend. And then all of a sudden at the end of the day it did the same thing. You touch the gas and it dies. Now I start it and it will only stay running for 10 seconds and die. It will not stay running at all anymore. Does anybody have any clue what the problem may be?
It could be sucking air from either the fuel filter o ring or the fuel selector. To test run the reserve line from the fuel tank directly to the carb
Yes actually, while I was driving the maintenance light came on. but I dont personally have a scanner. what do you guys suggest or think ?
Put a volt meter on your battery and start ski. Reading should be 13.5 to 14.5vdc. Anything below or above these numbers and your rectifier is bad.
Most anything else needs a candoo pro.

Might check compression and make sure it is not low as 951’s don’t like injesting water.
Have the fuel filters ever been changed?
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