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Have an old jetski ... GTX 2002 Di... It has low hours... i rarely used it ... with the current lockdown, want to have some fun!

This year I couldn't find the xps 2 oil for the ski in my country... The only oil available is
Wolf Outboard Motor Oil 2T TC-W3

image wolf.GIF

I am not trying to use a different oil to save $10 or so .... it's simply not available and no delivery from USA for Seadoo oil.

specifications say suitable for jet ski. Wolf has a specific oil for direct injection which is not available as well.

What kind of damage should I expect by the end of the season after using a gallon or so?
Please don't ask me to use Seadoo xps 2 or other fully synthetic specific to DI ... They are NOT AVAILABLE !!
thank you
Worst case is a seized engine best case dirty RAVE valves.

You can’t mix two different brands of oil so at least drain the system and replace the inline oil filter.
Worst case is a seized engine best case dirty RAVE valves.

You can’t mix two different brands of oil so at least drain the system and replace the inline oil filter.
Thank you for your reply
is it better to use 100% synthetic 2-Stroke oil designed for motorcycle (not marine) with API-tc rating?
if I use the Wolf marine oil, will it help adding some oil in the gas tank (to increase lubrication)?... understand that more exhaust smoke will be produced
Yes and full synthetic API-TC. Doesn’t have to be marine or PWC specific at all.

Absolutely not, you can’t premix a DI ski.
Thank you mikidymac for your reply..

After searching for a compatible oil, I may be able to get
Quicksilver 858037Q01 Performance Direct Injection Heavy-Duty Engine Oil

They use it for Mercury OptiMax outboards. It's a semi-synthetic (not full synthetic) oil. I couldn't see any rating such as API-TC on the bottle image (over the internet).

Can I use this oil? or it's same as TC-W3 outboard oil

Will it be better than a full synthetic bike oil?

Thank you
Thank you mikidymac ... after 3 weeks of continuous searching .... I found many outboard TC W3 oils and one motorcycle mineral oil that meets API-TC standards (Mobil Super t2) .....

What do you think ... Should I expect the same damage from using Mobil Super 2t (mineral oil) as other TCW3 oils?


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After importing the oil from the US and paying for FedEx shipping, I am stuck as the customs are requesting the "Material Data Safety Sheet" for the oil. The oil is ""Ski-Doo Can-Am Sea-Doo XPS New OEM 2-Stroke Full Synthetic Oil Gallon, 779127 """
Anyone can help me with that ... Please :cry:
mikidymac --Thank you very much .... I couldn’t find words that express my gratitude the way I want. You were more responsive than the customer service of Bombardier. :)

After years of owning Seadoo DI (so many hassels), I must say that it's time to get rid of the Seadoo DI two stroke ... I have Yamaha outboard on my boat and couldn't be more pleased with its reliability ... I know it's a seadoo forum, but I think Yamaha with 1.8L naturally-aspirated jet ski will be my next jet ski.
The DI skis are the most temperamental engine ever in a ski. They are either really bad or really good. I personally only will own the carbed 2-strokes because that is what I know. If I was going 4-stroke it would be a non-supercharged Yamaha.
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