Sea doo hull filling full of water while running on hose...

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I am pretty new to jet skis and have just got a free jetski running. When I start the engine and connect the hose to the quick connector at the rear. The hull fills full of water and then drains out the bungs....

This doesn't seem right. No water is running out the exhaust or anywhere else appears to be all going into the hull....

Could someone enlighten me as to what could be causing this?

So I start engine, Connect hose, Remove hose, Turn off engine. It always fires straight up after this. But would like to try running it longer than 20s or so. So far the longest I have ran is about 35 as I do not think the water is cooling it as it should.
Cleaned out all the pipes and it appears to be coming out from the top of the engine where the top cap (above where the water lines go in) joins with the rest of the engine.
Are you sure that the water lines on the back of the engine are connected properly. There is a water line at the BOTTOM of the exhaust manifold. You may have a leak on the mid pipe but even so copious amounts of water should flow out of the rear of the ski.

Also, don't run the ski on the hose for very long. You could damage the pump seal. It has no way to cool out of the water so the faces will get extremely hot. I agree... Pictures of your set up and the leak would be helpful. Good Luck.
Hey guys so took ski out today to try and get a video of where it is leaking. Got a great video and somehow deleted it. Ski ran for quite some time then I put it back on the trailer. Took it out and drained ski. It started fine and now wont start at all. Spark plugs out no obvious water in cylinders when turning over. Going to dry it out and see what happens.

**I have now learnt this part is called the water jacket. So basically I have water leaking out of the water jacket. Is it just an O ring under this?

I've got some photos of where it leaks from. Leak is definitely stronger with more throttle80283530_280878950019137_7075412236848342424_n.jpg106363165_405210640384746_2233830451454996602_n.jpg

Current plan is try to get it started again. I take it theres a gasket here? For those who noticed I snapped that alan bolt while trying to tighten to slow the leak. It was already leaking before this.
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So I took the water jacket off. Now a bit of a back story I got this ski for free after sitting for 5 years. Salt water ski in the north of Scotland


What do you guys make of the pistons and cylinders? I don't think they look too bad. I've attached a video of the play in it.



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Soo update put new o rings in. Still leaked then discovered it’s bent! Not sure how I managed to miss that... going to try bending it back in a vice. Not ideal. But as it’s already bent...DE64662F-D1B4-4D4B-A15A-95484EF523C1.jpeg
Oh, that sucks. I wonder how that happened, maybe some water stuck in a jacket turned to ice. Will definitely require some hard hand/soft hand persuasion to get it flush again.
LOL you are DA MAN !!! An alternative more accurate method would be to use the jack on your car. Mount the jack/lift so as to lift the car and place the foot of the jack on top of the cover. Place two blocks of wood under the cover and leave the area you wish to bend unsupported. "You've just make a makeshift Press. :D As you apply pressure go PAST level or flush just a bit or the cover will just spring back to it's bent shape.. Be gentle. Don't be afraid to use RTV. :) Good Luck !!
Us Yanks, surely don't apprecaite and often take for granted the stuff we have access to and the prices we pay. Good Luck man !!
Oh for sure getting parts over in the UK is very hard. Most have to come from America or are over priced. A starter rebuild kit here is $110!
Oh for sure getting parts over in the UK is very hard. Most have to come from America or are over priced. A starter rebuild kit here is $110!
Can we help you guys with that?? Or is it just the shipping and such?. Kits for us are $15.00
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