Replacing Touch Screen Control Panel - 2012 Sea-Doo 210 Wake 430

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The touchscreen in my 210 Wake went out. If you jiggle it just right, it comes back on but only momentarily. The screen has bubbling around the edges which I've read means it's shot. We've talked to our dealer as well as online parts distributors and Sea-Doo directly. They all say the part has been discontinued and is not available anywhere (even though it's still listed for sale on some of the parts sites). No luck on ebay or other sites. I've reached out to the manufacturer, Medallion Instrumentation Systems, and they said the part is obsolete and there is no replacement. I am waiting to hear back from them to see if there is anything else that can be done.

Additionally, we had a local electronics repair guy take a look at it and he was able to get it functioning more stably. However, it still goes out often enough to make the boat unusable. Perhaps, if all else fails, we'll bring it back there and have him give it another go.

Anyway, thought I'd reach out here and see if anyone can help me.

My question is, is there any possibility an aftermarket control panel, maybe from a different manufacturer ( or something similar), could be retrofitted into the boat? Is there any standardization when it comes to boat infotainment systems? Can the wires behind the dash be identified and plugged into a different system that also controls audio, speed, navigation, ballast tanks, etc? I'm not expecting plug and play, just wondering if it's possible. Is it worth contacting someone like Jardum about retrofitting?

I realize I'm grasping at straws, but as of now we have a $20K paperweight sitting in our yard. Is there anything I'm missing that could help? All advice is appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

The part number is 278002612. However, don't trust the parts sites that let you look up parts using the diagrams. They don't necessarily have parts even if you're able to add them to your cart and check out. I double checked with one site by calling them and they said they didn't have it. I know others who've had similar experiences.
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