Rebuild costs

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David P

Hi all
I have a 1995 xp which requires a total engine rebuild.I know it’s like asking how longs a piece of string-but just want a rough idea so I don’t get ripped off
thanks in advance
If you do the work yourself it will cost about $1,000 to do the rebuild using top quality parts like OEM pistons and gaskets. A new rebuild from SBT is about the same price but doesn't use the best parts but you do get a warranty.

If you are paying someone else to do the labor it really is cost prohibitive.
I just finished a rebuild on my 97 SPX (787 engine, did the work myself) and came in at around $1100. But my rebuild included things that I think don't apply to your 720 engine, like all new RAVE valves and housings, and a new counterbalance shaft.

The SeaDoo dealer nearest to me said they won't even work on these older 2-strokes anymore, so I'm not sure what the price would have been to have a shop do it.
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