Purchase Advice: 2005 GTI LE RFI 80 Hours $3900

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Hey everyone,

First let me apologize. I DID try to use the search button, but as GTI and RFI are 3 letter terms it seems the search engine won't accept them and shows no results. So I'm at a loss on how to find threads about this PWC without scrolling through 500 pages. So again. I apologize.

That being said, I'm looking at getting a use ski for my wife, it will be our first. It's going to be used on a small 100 acre lake in Michigan for fun and messing around. Nothing extreme. It will also likely pull a 10 year old either on a wake board, or in a tube.

We're going to look tomorrow at a 2005 GTI LE-RFI with 80 hours on it and single place trailer. It APPEARS to be in great shape and is adult owned. Other than examining the impeller, hull, and if he'll let me, doing a compression test is there anything to be aware of or look for? Is this a model to be avoided? I'm new enough to know I don't know much, but have a little clue of what to look for.

Any input as to issues with this ski that would make we want to avoid it, things to look for, and it's overall appropriateness for a sporty 47 year old wife and pulling a wakeboarder/tube on a small lake would be appreciated.

They have some really good videos on Youtube about purchasing jet skis and things to look for. Things to check and such and really good safety videos. Personally I find most mechanical issues are the fault of the owners not so much the machine. If the owner had it maintained or did the work himself that is a plus. Ask questions about flushing, winterizing, additives in the fuel, maintenance history and damage history. See if they are willing to throw in the life jackets and other items. A good owner is gonna have all the stuff, but having all the stuff doesn't make a good owner. :) Good Luck man !!
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