pulse line on wrong side

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Good morning guys. I have run into a situation I'm not entirely sure how to deal with.

I just got my motor back from SES (717). It appears that he gave me a different block then what I sent to him as now the pulse line coming out of the block is on the PTO side and I could have sworn it was originally on the MAG side.

Is this something I need to be concerned about or should I just simply cut a longer fuel hose to run from the PTO side to the MAG side?

Any and all information on this uniquely confusing situation is greatly appreciated!
Just cut a longer one. Check back on any pictures you may have taken to verify your pulse line was on the mag side.
Thanks for the quick responses guys.

I'm 99.9% it was on the mag side originally becuase the hoses are all precut and there is no way the pulse line could possibly make it to the carb now.

I will pickup some hose and cross my fingers!
Well my block had gotten pretty beat up when the crank seized. I'm guessing he deemed it necessary to replace.

That's the only thing I can think of lol
If your cases were damaged it is reasonable since seadoo made different cases for dual or single carbs and a little longer pulse line isn't going to hurt anything. The only thing is it would have been nice to be informed.
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