Power-off Assisted steering GTX DI 2002

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Hi there, I have a Sea-doo GTX DI 2002. The vents of the power-off assisted steering were removed by the previous owner. He clamped the two hoses inside the ski which provide water to the vents (number 31 in the diagram). Unfortunately, one of these clamps failed and the ski was filled with water quickly and almost sank. As the vents of the power-off assisted steering are already removed, what is the safest method to block water source to the system to avoid future problems? The diagram for assisted steering shown here

off power assisted steering.GIF
Cap and plug the fittings supplying water to #38.

Thank you mikidymac .. you have always been very helpful.
Please excuse my ignorance ! you mean I cap and plug the water supply to the off-power steering in the impeller housing ...
then what should I do with the hose #38 ... should I leave it open?, Should I remove it? should I plug it?

any idea about the diameter that I should use to plug the water source in the impeller
I would remove the fitting from the pump and replace it with a pipe plug as the jet blast could pop a cap off. I would plug hose #38 just so water doesn't leak in.
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