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Hey guys

My 96XP finally ate shit yesterday. Was out riding and things were great then started to hear a grinding sound. Engine started to bog down because it was smoking and it was filling the hull with smoke. I got 12 hours out of the engine that sat without running for 7 years, not properly stored. I knew it was on borrowed time to begin with, just thought I'd get a little further than that lol

Shut the engine down and got back to shore. Pulled the seat off and oh yeah there's smoke, engine is hot. Pulled the plugs over and they are a nice mocha brown, I don't think I had a fueling issue.

Turn PTO by hand and there is some pretty loud mechanical looseness coming from the PTO cylinder, what I presume to be crank/rod bearings or counterbalance shaft. Just for fun I compression tested the motor and got 145 on each jug, so it's definitely something in the bottom end. It still turns over and actually runs but makes a pretty unrelenting mechanical failure sound like rod knock on a car.

Is SBT my only option for an exchange motor with a fast turn around? What pieces do I need to order to make it a one stop shop and get everything I need all at once so I can tackle the replacement. Replacement RV Cover?

Should I spend the extra on the "premium" motor with the longer warranty? I want to get this thing back in the water as soon as I can. I do not really care how much it costs, just want a good quality replacement. The boat is way too much fun to part out.

Any input is appreciated.
You could Order the parts and fix it yourself. :) I know people around my area that have ordered SBT engines. I was surprised at how quick they got them.
I've never been inside the bottom end of a two-stroke before. I am pretty mechanically inclined but I really don't want to fuck it up and not be able to ride this summer. I think my safest bet is to buy an engine from SBT lol
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Is it out of the question to replace the bottom end and leave the top end alone? Since the cylinders are still pulling 145 psi, I don't really see a reason to screw with them

Could I get away with a new crankshaft and re-use my pistons/cylinders?
SBT is nothing special but it is the fastest turnaround if you need an engine now.
I’d replace it with an SBT motor in this case, and I would just buy the standard motor. The only difference is the warranty, and if they screw something up, you’ll generally find out right away... You may have damage to the case, and if so, you’d have to source a new one to rebuild yourself anyway...
I'm gonna pull the trigger today.

Should I buy anything else right away that I might need for installation? I have a friend who has the alignment tool so I don't need one of those

Thanks guys. Wish me luck.
You just need the installation gasket kit from SBT. I would also go through the carbs while you’ve got the motor out, but don’t buy SBT carb kits. Make sure they’re genuine Mikuni parts.
I did the carbs over the winter with all Mikuni stuff. Taught myself a lot about carbs lol. The thing ran awesome, no issues except for the fact that I didn't know the status of the bottom end aside from having good compression.
Are SBT's gasket kits generally regarded as OK quality or should I be looking for something else?

I ordered the motor from them already but didn't buy gaskets with it - I think i remember hearing stuff about some off quality gaskets from SBT?
Their installation gasket kits are fine. I don’t trust their carb parts at all, but their exhaust gaskets, rotary valve o-rings and rave valve gaskets are decent quality. The big positive, and really the only positive other than a quick delivery, is that no fault warranty... If a bad gasket were to kill the motor for some reason, they’ll replace it. And generally if it makes it through a whole season without problem, the motor is going to be solid...
I don't care for their gaskets or o-rings. If you compare them to OEM or WSM they are not the same quality.
I prefer the WSM gaskets over SBT and are avaialable here from PWC Muscle.
Can you get OEM gaskets anywhere or are the WSM good enough?

What about gaskets from OSD Marine? I like that guy and his business. I would support him if the quality is there
Honestly I don’t think Nick sells any junk parts... With that said, I don’t think he has gasket kits for engine installation either. You may have to either buy a complete gasket set from him or buy them individually. You can always shoot him an email and ask though...
You can buy individual OEM gaskets from a dealer like SeadooWarehouse in the upper right here.
In my opinion the WSM are perfectly fine for a stock rebuild.
I just bought a complete gasket set from WSM because I don't want to fuck around and not have something I need.

If I don't remove the shims in the engine bay, do i still need the alignment tool? my instinct tells me that there may be slight differences in the dimensions of the engine cases and that it is possible I will need to buy an alignment tool to get this thing set right. Were the Sea-Doo tolerances for dimensions pretty tight?
Yes you always have to check alignment even if it’s your exact engine going in and out. Don’t skip the alignment.
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