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Hello all, I am hoping to get some help on how to fix my 2004 GTI RFI Sea Doo. I have tried to diagnose the wires my self but fear I am doing it wrong.

So my Sea Doo is a Sea Don't. It is getting not beeps when I put the key on. I have read through other forums on here and have tried the tests of pushing the button multiple times and I still get nothing. I have replaced the solenoid and put a bran new battery in. There are no blown fuses. There is no corrosion on any of the plug pegs. I have cleaned the Dess post and key. I can get the engine to crank if I short circuit the solonoid but that's all I can get the machine to do. I fear it could be the MPEM but I want to be sure before I purchase one, I have not rules out the Dess just yet. I managed to take the button out yesterday and it had a little bit of black on the wires but the connections are sealed inside the button so I couldn't see if they were making a good connection or not. That's another thing, all the wire connections are sealed inside of water tight connectors so I cannot see them but like I said, the plugs look fine. I also fear pulling the connector apartment and braking it.

So some history, I recently obtained the Sea Doo from my neighbour. She bought it 4 years ago in working order. It ran fine for a season then wouldn't start the next. Their mechanic eventually gave up on it and my neighbor did too. The Sea Doo sat for two years in her driveway untill I pulled it away.

The machine honestly looks great and I really want to get it running! I hope someone can help.
Welcome to the forums and congrats on the ski!

The first thing you should do is download a copy of the owners manual. Sea-Doo has some of the best manuals I've ever had the please of using.

I think your best bet is to start doing some continuity checks on everything. Specifically the dess post and the mpem
Thanks for your thoughts. I already have the operation manual and the shop manual. Also we did those tests and only found power on two wires. The black/ purple wire and a red wire. See photos attached:

.inbound1988016188840473817.jpg inbound8929253260250978038.jpg
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