New/Newbie GTX 951 Carb, Smokey Idle

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spewing oil

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Not having much luck with search. Bought a 3up spark and essentially got a working 1998 GTX Limited for free. Silver 951 w/ carbs. 400+ hours, it was rebuilt in the 10's at some point. Visual inspection shows replaced fuel lines and the diaper in place. Nothing loose, obviously missing. Previous owner switched it to pre-mix. Choke is disconnected. Oil pump cable is disconnected, hanging loose.

Starts right up but smoked heavily. idle was 3400
I drained out old gas and put new gas with XPS synthetic 2 stroke oil. ~38:1
Started for a bit, Still smoked.
Pulled and replaced plugs with the br8es 3961 ngk solid. Old plugs were nasty
Reset low speed screws to factory spec, one was way off
idle was low so reset via screw to 3000 rpm. (out of water)

Still smokes pretty bad. I wanted to ask before I leaned out more with the low speed screws. Any input would be appreciated!
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That engine, if all is stock, should run fine with the lows set at factory. 38:1 premix will smoke more at idle than running oil injection
So no need to fiddle with the screws. I haven't been around two strokes in 15 years, that was on a xp also pre-mix. Don't remember this much smoke, but also haven't rode the ski yet. Taking them out tomorrow morning.
Set to spec and idle should be exactly 2,800. At 3,000 the 951’s are known to runaway.
Update: got it in the water. Smoked heavily for a bit but then cleared. Ran great. Too choppy to get to max rpm but saw 7000. Thank guys.
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