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Hey guys! I'm new here (just registered) and I'm looking to purchase my first PWC. I grew up on the lake wakeboarding, riding jet skis, etc. and I've ridden dirtbikes (and sport bikes) my entire life so I am not new to the water sports/power sports world, I've just never owned my own jet ski. So after some research I've decided on a 2019 GTR X 230. Initially I was going to buy used until I ran across a '19 GTR X 230 listed for $10,900 and decided I would like to buy new with a warranty.

Unfortunately the one I found alread sold. I've found some other ones in my area and the list prices have varied from $10,900 to $11,500 to $12,500 and up to retail of $13,199. So I called about one yesterday and got to speak to the sales manager. He gave me an OTD price of $13,400 plus a $100 gift card for accessories. I told him about the ones I've seen listed for as low as $10,900 and he explained that usually models that are listed with that much of a discount, they add a bunch of fees to and by the time it's said and done it ends up being about the same cost as the ones listed for more. I'm unfamiliar with the PWC retail world so I don't know what kind of fees get tacked onto these things. My question is, does $13,400 OTD seem like a reasonable deal on a 2019 GTR X 230? He claimed that was the lowest he could go. I can afford it, I just want to get some feedback from those of you experienced with this before I purchase in case I should hold out and look for a better deal...or maybe that's a reasonable deal and I should jump on it? Thanks guys, and I hope I posted this in the right section.
Sounds about right. After sales tax, dealer fees, registration, etc...stuff adds up quick. You can avoid a lot of that buying used, but then, you're buying used and taking a gamble. If you can buy used that includes a warranty, that can lead to a good deal.

You're also buying in the peak of the season, so, there's not a lot of reason for them to lower the price. If you don't buy it; someone else will.

Here's what's listed on
Search for similar make/model/year skis in your area and ask them the same question...what's the OTD price?
I may go ahead and grab that one. From what I've heard the virus hasn't helped as sea doo has shut down production of skis for the rest of the year and maybe could have gotten a better deal on a 2019 model if not for that. I've done some searching on pwc trader and the dealer I talked to is the only one left in my state with that model. I've found a few out of state that are about 3 hours away listed at a lower price so I guess I can try giving them a call and see if they'll give me an OTD price.
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