New gas?

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I own a rebuilt 96 GTI. Ive had it for about a year and its never really worked great. Anyway last year i found i needed a carb rebuild because it would rev high and low rpms at WOT then big down.

i got busy and the ski sat. Had a technician doing some work to my boat and figured id have him go ahead and rebuild those carbs.

get them back in and test it out. It idles fine. On acceleration tho it only goes to low rpms and no higher. Then bogs down. Like, i press the gas but its not getting any burst of speed.

keep in mind. This gas is pretty old. It was there before i bought it. Yesterday i drained the gas tank (about 90 pct anyway, tough to get the rest with my transfer pump). Looking to put new gas in today and give it another try

any other thoughts on what it might be
I would say the old gas but that old gas probably ruined the carb rebuild assuming the "mechanic" knew what he was doing and used the correct parts. I would say fuel system service and crab rebuild with only the correct genuine parts.
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