New from Fresno CA

Hi my name is Spencer. I have been riding skis for years and always read the forums, now I'm a member!:thumbsup:
I have 4 Skis
2008 Yamaha FX-SHO-Stock
1987- Kawi 550- For sale PM for details
1996- Seadoo XP 800- stock with some goodies
IMG_4360.jpg IMG_3758.JPG IMG_4015.JPG IMG_4361.jpg
1996- Seadoo XP 800- not stock and with a lot of goodies
IMG_0643.jpg IMG_0662.jpg

All ways looking for people to ride with in California! PM me!
Hello Spencer. We typically ride Nacimento and Lopez over on the coast and make a yearly trip to Saver Lake. Where do you ride in Fresno?
right on! can you pm me your email! i live on a private lake in lemoore and i’m always down to find new people to ride with! and alway down to go play at naci and when do you go to shaver?