New 2024 RXTX 325, 0 hours, low battery warning


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Hey guys. I’m new on the forum. Yesterday I purchased a new 2024 RXTX 325. Brought it home. After reading the manual I connected the key to the post and momentarily pressed the start/stop button to activate accessory mode. My intent was to familiarize with the displays and set up blue tooth. I have not even turned over the starter on this new Sea Doo. The screen illuminated, sounded like fuel pump priming for a short period and approximately 90 seconds later the low battery icon illuminated and the warning sounded followed by all equipment shutting down and display extinguishing. I removed the key. Installed the key again. Momentarily pressed the start/stop to activate accessory function and the same battery icon, warning sound, and then everything went dark. I checked the battery voltage, it was 12.8. Terminal connections were tight. Placed a charger on the battery. The charger indicated fully charged after less than 5 minutes. Connected key again and same result. I also have a second key so I tried the second key with same result. It’s Sunday today. I will contact selling dealer tomorrow when they open. Maybe I’m missing something simple?? Any ideas please let me know. Thank you.

Took the Sea Doo to the dealer today. They were very responsive and helpful. The sales rep had 2 techs immediately meet me with a laptop. They plugged in and read history of a low voltage fault code. Cleared it. Started the machine 3 times and ran 15-20 seconds each. Verifying no more codes, the machine was charging, and ibr function. Advised the battery may have been weak from sitting on the showroom. I took the machine to the lake and it functioned flawlessly. Rode approximately 2.5 hours for the initial part of the break in. Had a lot of fun. This is such an incredible machine.