Need to buy Seadoo Spark 3-up complete Hull and 2-up Mid Deck


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I have two 2019 Seadoo Sparks where both drivetrains are good and run with low hours, one has a badly cracked hull and the other has had the mid Deck and console ripped away on it. One ski is a 2019 Seadoo Spark 3-Up HO w/ IBR and convenience w/ stereo and it is Mango Orange(Lower damaged ski). The other is a 2019 Seadoo Spark 2-Up HO w/ IBR and convenience and it is Reef Blue/ Yellow(Upper damaged ski) I have purchased some of the electrical stuff for the upper damaged ski to check the drivetrain condition but I will still need the year appropriate console and I am considering buying the adjustable Trixx steering since I am needing to buy the sterring. If anyone has any parts that can help please contact me immediately before I buy the parts New. I am looking to save money off the price of things New so please don't try to quote me New prices for a Used part. Thank you.
WTF did you hit OR were hit by? That is some serious damage.

I've done a hull swap on a Spark 2 UP with iBR...note...the replacement hull bought from a dealer DID NOT have the iBR hole in the hull though...I had to drill that myself.....the swap over was tedious but not impossible, pay attention to details and make sure you seal everything really well, pay special attention to the vinyl tubes passing through the rear of the hull, especially for the hull drain.....the vinyl tubes are designed to form a pressure seal (the hull hole is slightly smaller than the vinyl tube) but any shrinkage of the vinyl tube may still "feel" firm enough but once in the water may let water in past the tube and sink the ski (I know this to be true but caught the ski just in time).

Good luck with them, sorry no parts available for the re-builds....check with dealers that may have taken in broken skis for insurance and or Craigslist, etc....
Thanks for the input on the hull replacement, I'll need to remember that when the time comes to do the swap. I didn't damage either ski, I bought them both from an auction like they were. So far I have removed the mid upper body section and jumpered the starter to see that the 2-Up engine turns over and has no sign of water in oil or in the airbox. The 2-Up doesn't have a steering harness or any electrical components above that yet but I have ordered all of them and should be here by end of next week. The 3-Up I just programmed a key to and found it had 27 hours and it cranked up and ran well. I always prefer to keep skis together if possible because it hurts my feelings to junk them, especially after seeing the finished result on so many I have put together. If I don't find someone with both used parts I may just buy them New on Monday to keep the projects moving. I was just going to put the 3-Up parts on the 2-Up to finish it but since it has the 3-Up seat extension, seat and stereo mount that the ski didn't originally have I figured it would be better just to keep the 3-Up parts with the 3-Up. That decision also stemmed off of knowing that both engines appear to run and they likely have about 27 hours each on them. If anyone has a Spark hull or mid section please let me know.