MPEM to ECU low Voltage

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I just picked up a pair of 4tec seadoos. 04 and an 05. The 05 I'm having 2 odd issues.
_The Seadoo is always on when battery is hooked up. The DESS switch has been unplugged at the harness inside the front hatch. It was also removed to bench test. I check continuity on the blk/ylw wire to MPEM
-Low voltage from MPEM to ECU (5-7v) read in CANDOO and at the 5amp fuse on MPEM
-checked both 30amp fuses and MPEM plug 1-24, 1-25 get 12+V
-Swapped MPEM with between the two seadoos 04 MPEM in 05 and 05 MPEM in 04 and it performs fine in the other seadoo. and exhibits same issues in the 05.
-There are quite a few faults, which I think are associated with low voltage getting to the ECU. what am I overlooking or not testing. the Seadoo will start and idle with the issue going on. it will not rev anywhere pas 2K without stalling (these are short 10-30 second starts before I noticed the bigger issues.
Long post thanks for reading, I cant seem to find many thread that help in search.
Yes, but only if the ECU is completely unplugged from the system. It's a simple 2 minute check.
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