Mikuni Carb. Cannot remove jet. Not stuck just spins

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I am rebuilding a Mikuni Carb for a 2000 Seadoo GS. I have removed and cleaned the larger jet but the smaller one does not want to come out. It will spin with resistance but will not come out. Anyone ever experienced this?
They can be tough.

If you can get it to turn then tapping it upside down should help it fall out.
It just spins like it has infinite threads. It wont fall out. Is something stripped out. I feel like i'm going to have to drill out the jet.
Very carefully try to spin it back in and see if it will snug down to confirm the threads are still there. If it tightens down then loosen it all the way and patiently continue to try removing the jet. The last thing you want to do is drill into the carb body and destroy the threads or dump small shavings into the passages. If the jet will not tighten down then the threads are probably shot in which case you find a new carb.
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