Mag Flywheel Removal

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Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since I was active on here. I took a new position at work, and it didn’t allow much time for “extra curricular activities!” I’m finally getting around to putting the new 787 in my 96XP, and was having a hell of a time getting the mag flywheel off of the old motor using a universal three bolt puller. I soaked the hub in PB Blaster, pulled out the heat gun, and even hit it with the propane torch. I tried the impact and the good old breaker bar with an extension. That thing wouldn’t budge! 1000 lb-ft of impact would just pull the washers through the puller without moving the flywheel at all. I finally broke down and bought the SBT flywheel removal tool that threads onto the hub, and it showed up this morning. I spun it onto the hub, hit it for about two seconds with the impact, and it popped right off!

The moral of the story: The right tools make all the difference in the world!
I made this tool to remove the PTO flywheel. Don't even have to lock down the crankshaft. :D I only use it with the impact cuz you need that shock and awe !! LOL Usually no heat needed.


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You really need to inspect the flywheel. You should not be using a universal 3 bolt puller on the 787 flywheel. There is a reason it has the external threads for the correct puller.
I’ll check it. It was frustrating for sure, so hopefully my mistake will save someone else from all the trouble!
The moral of the story: The right tools make all the difference in the world!

Similar story, I got lucky the first time rebuilding the 97' GTX's 787, I used a steering wheel puller and it worked, it came right off. The next year on the 96' GSX's 787, no go this time round, broke one of the bolts I had threaded in, and when it snapped I'm lucky I didn't get hurt. Broke down a bought the dang tool, within a couple seconds it popped right off with little effort.
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