Lots of white smoke


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back story:
Last summer we flooded my 2002 seadoo gtx 4tec jet ski with water, we got the water drained out of the ski and it started right up. It sat from september to today.
I took it to the lake, added oil to it, it looked low but i think i over filled the oil. it started fine, idled fine, but seemed like it had a different sound to it, and not as much power, then it started smoking badly.

It still starts up fine but blows alot of white smoke, and now the dipstick looks low on oil again.

where should i start?

i was thinking about trying to suck the oil out to see how much is actually there, adding new oil and filter, changing spark plugs, maybe sticking a camera down the spark plug holes to see if there is any piston damage. maybe a compression test?

other than taking it to an actual mechanic, what else should i do?
I would first make sure my oil level was correct, perhaps not changing the oil and filter, but just making sure I have the correct oil level. There are instructions in the owners manual how to check the correct oil level. Maybe change spark plugs to make sure I have good spark. Once my oil level is correct and fresh plugs, I would ride and enjoy it for a day and see if I still have excessive smoking and if my oil level goes down - that could be an indicator of engine cylinder wall or ring damage, or valve seal damage. If still concerned, I would then do a compression test and determine next steps based on the compression test results - you are wanting to see little variation between cylinders more than a specific number. Seadoo doesn’t publish compression test results, but if you search the forum for compression test, I think some in the forum have found compression of 130-170 is common.