Lost my 97 GTX. Any ideas.

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Here's my problem.

I have a 94 XP that runs great, it's my baby. I put all my time and energy into it and use it all summer.

Two years ago I bought my Wife a 94 GTX and she likes riding it. About two months later I had a Friend give me a 97 GTX with a bad seal. I figured out a solution to the seal and have REALLY enjoyed running that 110HP cruiser. It's like living rich, I'm torn between the XP or that green monster with the cushy seat, strong pull and smooth ride every time I want to go for a ride.

Fast forward to last weekend when I thought I would run my XP and let my Wife run the 97........

You see where this is going.......

The next day SHE stopped calling the 97 "that machine" and it got renamed to "HER machine"????? Two days ago some custom decals, forest green, appeared on the side of the 97 that spelled out my Wife's name???

Has anyone else had this happen? How do I fix this?
I haven't tried anything with a 951 engine yet, thinking about trying a RX or 98+ XP for my next project.
For rough water and covering distance the 97+ XP is hard to beat. For stability and reverse on a 2 seater the RX. For just stupid fun and messing around the X4 can’t be beat.
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