Lcd gauge help please

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Ok so I have a 2003 gtx 4tec 185. I tested the gauge and it works fine on my other ski and the gauge on the other ski I tried on my non working and still nothing. I replaced the harness and still nothing, I checked the fuse and it's also good. I cleaned all pins on fuse box connectors and still nothing. What should I check next? Thanks for reading and for any input that might help me fix this.
Update, I also tried swapping MPEM fuse box with my other ski and still nothing. So I've tried harmess swap, gauge swap, MPEM swap. Everytime the gauge on the other ski worked but not the one I'm trying to fix. I'm at a loss here. Starts and runs perfect, long single beep every once in a while, I'm assuming it's because the lack of connection to the lcd. HELP !!!!!!
So would you start at the gauge? and just check for power and ground and then start following the wires till they end, checking power and ground at each connector?
Yes, at the gauge or the connector where it goes into the hull from the hood. Have found bad connections at that connector several times.
Thank you for the help, it worked. I was not getting power from the connector on the MPEM even though the MPEM worked on the other ski the connector is not getting a connection despite my cleaning it up and trying to get it to get a connection so I ended up rewiring directly from the battery and splicing into the wires that feed the gauge harness and viola I have a working gauge and it even shuts of without the key in it which was a concern when re wiring it. Thanks again cant believe I didn't think of it first. haha
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