Jet ski wont go fast in water

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2002 SeaDoo GTI LE runs fine out of water but won’t have high rpms in the water and will only go About 24. If i hit a wake and jump the ski and get just enough air it will take off and run fine but once you go down past half throttle it will stop going fast and will only go about 24 until I hit another wave.
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First check compression. Then Replace all the old grey fuel lines and rebuild the carburetors with genuine mikuni parts. Make sure you get new needles and seats aswell.
You should also replace the fuel strainer assembly and the fuel selector.
I would try and double check with another gauge, perfect is 150, 130 is marginal, and 120 the top end is done for. Make sure to not use a harbor freight gauge as they are inaccurate
Also you have a pretty big difference in between cylinders
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