Is this a bad pump 631 hour 00 GTX

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Hey guys!

Great forum thanks for all the contributions for everyone, forums are the best part of the internet! Have a 00 GTX was my first watercraft. Stock everything other than batteries, we got 631 hours on it of EPIC memories.

Bad- It has 110 compression on each cylinder, even between cylinders, no leak down.

Jet Drive- Think she is pooched never seen a bad one before so please see the files and give me your guys opinions please and thanks


The Good- It’s all together hahaha and has survived my late teens me....trailer and unit has travelled around 15,000 km with me across the country. Can’t believe it even still runs....its earned


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631 hours!? Holy cow! And never went into the motor? That's pretty impressive. I thought these motors were generally only good for ~200 hours.

Fun skis. I've got a blown up one with 200 hours, lol
Legit had it since new, 631. I came here and seen that average to be honest went and check figuring we had 300 ish on it and was blown away. It hasn’t ran in a few years now, but ran ok last time it was out I was told....sister borrowed it and sucked up rocks
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