Is my Seadoo sinking or am I going crazy??

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From what I can tell, this should be a 3-seater Sea-Doo. It seems to function normal, no water in engine bay after riding, drains to not leak, and i'm not packing it with a ton of cargo. For example, I am 6ft, 200lbs. If it is just me on the sea-doo and I have a cooler strapped to the back, when ever I go to the back to grab something out, my feet are in water, and the cooler. If I have two people on it, even worse.

I have checked everything and it seems to be functioning normal. Being that this is "supposed to be" a 3 person sea-doo, is this seeming to be normal? If I am in the water and pulling myself up from the rear step bar, the deck of course goes under, I expect that. But just sitting on the back deck of the sea-doo, with my feet in the water, I wouldn't think that the back deck would be under water. Ankle high... on the Seadoo.

I know the new 300 series and cruisers all show 250lb guys holding weights on the back and it's amazingly stable, but were the 2004's really that bad in comparison? I don't want to add those weird sponsons, but i'd like the rear end to be floating higher, and I don't see any way of accomplishing this.

I mean, shouldn't a single rider with a cooler on the back be light enough for a 3 seater to float? Since both my identical sea-doos do this, I assume this is just how they are, but wondering advice on what options I have.
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Also sick and tired of the foot-wells always flooded with water. It just detached my brand new Hrdyo-Foam so I have to dry it all out and re-glue it back down. It's always flooded! Ugh.
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