Is my 2001 240efi prone to the oil pump failure?

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2001 Islandia with Merc 240efi
My oil bypass experience -with pictures

Should be exactly what you're after. The link is posted on the 1st page of the Merc section.
Perfect! Thanks again.
I read this on another Seadoo forum site.
Anything to consider from it?
“I think it is hard to block off the Oil inj on the 240 because the ECU would need to be reprogrammed to not put the engine in Limp mode when the sensor fails to see inj oil. I think the the inj system on the 240 is reliable and have not heard of any engine failures related to it. The 240 uses a elec oil pump unlike the crank gear driven ones used on the 175.There has been alot of failures on the 175s because the plastic gear on the crank tends to strip. I have run the 175 and the 240 and the 240 runs alot colder than the 175 I have heard that the plugs foul alot easier on a 240 then a 175 because of this.”

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