Inheriting a '95 GTX - Where to source parts?

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Looks like all the parts sites go back to '96. The ski is running, but bogs down at speed. Going to redo fuel lines, and was thinking to rebuild carbs. Will check clearances on the wear ring as well. Biggest question I have is parts sources. Where do I go for a ski this age?
If you need OEM parts our site sponsors Seadoo Warehouse is good.
For one stop shopping of carb and fuel system parts OSD Seadoo.
For guaranteed used parts Westside Powersports Seadoo.

For it bogging down you absolutely need to rebuild the carbs with only genuine Mikuni parts.
Beyond just getting it running well as is, anything worth doing to that particular model year from a performance perspective? Just curious where to go with it if I feel like scratching itches. Feel free to tell me to spend money on a different ski at that point. :)
There is nothing you should do to that ski to make it faster. It already does about 53-54 mph so just enjoy it for the great ski that it is.

Once you ride it running and tuned correctly I think you will be surprised by it.
@mikidymac - Thanks for the input. Last one (for now). In regards to parts availability, here's what I meant. This is from Seadoo Warehouse. Other sites I've looked at are similar. Only seem to go back to '96 in terms of model year. Is that just due to the general age of the ski? Again, appreciate the input.

Sorry, I thought you said 96 GTX. The 95 is a little slower and a little worse handling so just enjoy what it is.

One of the few places that lists the older models is Riva. Then use those part numbers to buy at someplace cheaper.
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