If you have a Seadoo Speedster 150, read this post.

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Earlier in the year I bought a used 2011 Speedster 150 255. It only had 55 hours on it and was in fantastic shape. From first voyage, I noticed that there is always a fair amount of water in the bilge. I ran it on the hose, tried to find the leak while running but never found the problem. I did dtermine:

1.. It doesn't leak while sitting in the water.
2.. The bilge was pumping out hot water.

Yesterday I put my GoPro and an LED light in the engine compartment and within 30 seconds of running the camera fogged up. I had it pointed at the carbon seal. Was out with some fiends so had them drive and I basically was half upside with a flashlight in the engine compartment. (I am half deaf now).

I found the leak. The exhaust can was touching the fiberglass and had worn a hole in the bottom of the exhaust can. Personally, I think maybe the mat coupling was attached to close from the factory and this has been rubbing for 9 years. It might be wise if you have a speedster to check and see if your exhaust can touches the fiberglass because if it does, it will only be a matter of time before you have a hot bilge water problem like I did.
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I have one for sale if you need it.

This will do for this season. I may buy a new one for next season. Where are you shipping it from? I am in Canada so most likely will not make sense.
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