Honda F12 vs SeaDoo GTX


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I have been looking for a 2012 Sea- Doo GTX 155 for quite some time. I have read all the reviews, did a lot of research and really like those machines. However, I have never ridden on one. I am just looking for something with good power and is stable.

This past weekend a friend let me use his 2007 Honda F12. I told my wife that this is just to try and that I have been told to never get one.

BUT... I loved it! It was amazing! It was quick, stable, and easy to move around. It has less power than the GTX 155, but it hit 55mph (which was plenty fast for me) and it got to that speed in no time. It was quiet and smooth. My 12 yr old daughter rode with me and it was very comfortable with 2 up.

I am now wondering if the GTX is the right machine for me. Will the GTX have the same feel? Is there a better model to look at that will feel just as good as the Honda?

Hmmm, a Seadoo with parts readily available, an engine that was still being manufactured until 2016 vs. a ski that hasn't been made since 2009, parts are scarce, no one wants to work on them, etc.
Noted…. However, what line of SeaDoo would you think is comparable?

I've never ridden a Honda, so I can't compare it to any other ski.

Why are you set on a 2012? The engine and hull are pretty much the same for many years.

Their 155 hp models (GTI/GTX) were the most powerful non-supercharged engines and are very reliable and capable of 1000's of hours.

The 2012 is in my budget ~$6,500. There are several 2004 in my area for around $4,500 but I don’t want anything that old.

What year do you recommend?
I don't have a specific year to recommend or not unless it's a supercharged model. If so, avoid pre-2017's.

I do recommend one that has iBR, but do not buy an "iS" model Seadoo.

FYI, I own a 2012 GTI 155 Limited that has 330 salt hours. Runs great.