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I have checked several other suggestions in the forum for a replacement buzzer. Seems the choice was an original at $50 or a Radio Shack unit from Taiwan for $10 which didn't fit properly and in some cases has been unreliable.
Upon researching my unit I found the name Floyd Bell with an SP number. I went to their web site www.floydbell.com and also talked to their tech support manager. He said there really wasn't much difference between their standard model and the special for BRP SeaDoo. They build it with special colored wires and has a slight cathodic protection which he said wasn't important in his view. You can actually buy the Special BRP unit for $25. They sell the non-BRP part as #UC-09-515-W (Ultra Panel Mount 5-15VDC Continuous Alarm @$18.49 + S&H. I bought two for Shipping of $12.56. It is completely sealed except for the sound hole, Stainless steel element, and tested for 300 hrs. salt water spray. It fits perfectly in the snap holder in my '95 SPX. I'll attach a picture. I used a crimp connector within a heat shrink tubing.
Check your size ( diameter and length) before ordering. I think he said they make two different ones for BRP.


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