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Ok so, i replaced the carbon seal on my 98 Gs as well as all the motor mounts. I was riding and a rag that was left inside the hull (rookie shit) and it got stuck on the impeller shaft and broke all the mounts and carbon seal. With that being said , after i replaced them the engine just turns over. It doesn’t stay on when i FINALLY get it to start, and it’s doing something I’ve never noticed. Water coming outta the little hole by the tow hook. What should i doo? Also throttle cable sometimes gets stuck. 9A15074A-4D60-4A25-A7AA-CC3B22BDFDC0.jpeg
The little hole under the hook is the tell-tale pisser hole of the cooling system...just like an outboard motor better be pissing water to let you know water is flowing through the engine cooling system...same thing with a ski.....while running, you better see water pissing out that hole....should pee exceptionally well while on a hose too. Get a friend to stand behind the ski while running on the trailer and turn on the hose.....quick way to lose friends.....KIDDING of course.

Run your fingers ...GENTLY and lightly....down along the throttle cable feeling for any burrs, strands, etc.....should be smooth all the way along its length, check the end connections too...could be frayed. Replace as necessary
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Thank you. Will do that ASAP. Now why do you think it’s not staying on or actually starting at all like it use too at the touch of the button. Do you think when i towed it ( going full throttle not knowing you can’t do that , read up on it after the fact) it got water in it any place ?
Thank you. Will do that ASAP. Now why do you think it’s not staying on or actually starting at all like it use too at the touch of the button. Do you think when i towed it ( going full throttle not knowing you can’t do that , read up on it after the fact) it got water in it any place ?
Oh towed it full speed, didn't clamp the water line. In all likelihood, you might have flooded the engine with water. Now it's a race against time gotta get the water out, get it started and run it like hell to "dry" it out internally. All is not necessarily lost, but we may have issues.

First, pull the plug wires and ground them to the grounding posts. Pull the spark plugs. Will the ski crank over with the starter....if so, you just gotta keep cranking her over to blow as much water out of the engine as possible. If there is water in the engine, it'll start spurting out of the spark holes, so cover the holes with rags, paper towels, etc., as it will get messy. Once it starts to run dry, I put rolled paper towels down into the holes to sop up anything that didn't blow out.

Then, I used a little Marvels Mystery oil (you can use Seadoo oil) down into the spark holes and cranked that around for a few cycles, then put the spark plugs back in, connect the wires and try to get her started.....then run her like crazy on the water to get that engine up to temperature to clean out any residual moisture from the innards.

I sank my '96 (submerged engine) for an indefinate period of time, engine was full of water, carbs were waterlogged too......I did everything I described and she runs as well today as the day I got her (2nd hand). This was a couple years ago too.
So i did all that and thank ITS RUNNING. it takes a lil to start (sometimes) but it stays on. However when i go to hit the throttle, it dies.
I wonder if he has water in the carb fuel pump. Probably does and it won't come out on it's own. It is isn't going to flow the proper amount of fuel is water is in there. It is a very small cavity. You'll be able to see the water through the clearn lexan or whatever the material is. Get R done and get the ski on the water ASAP

At this point I'd make sure the piston was near the bottom of the stroke and pour in 2 ounces of oil in each cylinder. That way you'll get oil to the bottom end of the ski where it is most important. The damage you do now will not show itself right away so it could mislead you into thinking all is well. Lubricate the hell out of that thing. Good Luck !!!
The ski dies when trying to throttle up.....could be water in the carb fuel pump, as Gene mentions.....I don't know how water would have migrated into the carb pump caused by the towing but stranger things have happened.

Regardless, if the ski will start but doesn't respond to the throttle....carbs should be looked into, cables, linkages....etc.....

MY submerged ski definately had water in the carb fuel pump but it was under water so that was no surprise really....I could not get the ski started UNTIL I cleared out the carbs initially (the carb rebuild came much later - this past winter actually, the sinking happen sometime in Fall/Winter/Spring of 2018), but I was able to clean and dry out the carbs enough to at least get and keep the ski running (on the trailer anyway) for testing and troubleshooting all the other issues related to the submersion.

I ran the '96 ski this weekend... after it sitting idle for 2 was a little balky to start but did start.....she still needs some tweeks starts "missing" at around 6K rpm and the throttle up is not silky smooth (I also wonder if it could still be "old" fuel though.....I have not cycled through an entire tank yet (gas was stabilized during winter storage, etc.....) which I'm trying to burn through.
Water gets into the carb fuel pump because it is scavenged. Insead of air being sucked into te carb fuel pump to actuate the diaphragm.... water enters because water is inside the crank case. Any amount of water will greatly affect the pumps output because water will not compress. so the diaphragm can't move enough to pump enough. The crank case does not have to be full of water. I'd check this straight away. Good Luck !!
Damn guys, I’m just seeing this but I really appreciate every single body’s suggestions. I will take a look at all of that and get it done by this weekend. I had water over the engine in the hull when my carbon seal broke. Maybe that’s what happened.
Also , should i drain the fuel? I have a full tank
Well, if water is over the engine, then that would classify as a submerged would most certainly have water in the carbs simply by water getting into every opening......I'd start pulling parts off that engine....air box, carbs, starter, open the electrical boxes, open basically everything and try to dry her's a process. The fuel tank probably went under water too but its sealed up pretty well.....I'd do a fuel tank drain as a last step (but that's my opinion).
It’s been like a month now and I’ve basically done all that besides the carbs and tank.
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