Help! 2007 Seadoo challenger 180 won’t start no noise

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We purchased a Seadoo challenger 180 from an individual a couple weeks ago. Started fine for the seller. Got it home, went to start it and nothing. Seller had left the all on switch on.(for over a week) So we charged the battery back up to 12V and still nothing. Not even a noise.
-It’s in neutral
-can’t find a blown fuse
-battery was tested and is fine
We are first time owners and know very little. Are we missing a step? I can’t find anything on how to start it and don’t know if we are just ignorant or something is wrong. This is what we have done
1. Turn power to all on
2. Put in lanyard/key thingy
3. Press red start/stop button
(We’ve also tried every other button in case something else was supposed to be on to start)
Please Help. I’ve googled and read the manual
I can’t find anything else.
Do you get two beeps when you put the key on?

Do other electrical things on the boat work like navigation lights and bilge blower?

Try moving the shifter slightly forward or backward in case the neutral switch is out of alignment.

Open the engine cover so you can make sure you can hear even if there is only a slight noise.

Beyond those things it will probably take some testing with a multimeter to get to the bottom of it. There is no trick to it though if everything is working right. Shifter in neutral, key on post, press the start switch is all it should take.
The lights and bilge pump work. When the key is on there’s a slight humming sound but no sound at all when button is pressed. I tried the forward and back to neutral. Still nothing. Not even a beep
Guess I’m gonna have to take it in to a repair shop.
Thank you
You mentioned when you put the lanyard on you hear a slight hum. Does the hum go off after a few seconds? If so that’s the fuel pump.

Regarding the no beeps/start Before the repair shop check the fuses. If it was working then and now it’s not, good chance you blew a fuse somewhere. There’s a lot of fuse blocks around these. Under dash, engine bay as well behind the battery switch. Fuses are cheap if you can track it down. Also check your battery connections are tight. Maybe something came loose when driving.
The threshold voltage for most seadoos is 12.6 ish. I have had some that start, but no beep beep because the initial voltage was too low. My method to eliminate a battery ( even a new one that was bad), is to put a 24 hr trickle charge on it, then do a load test, then you can eliminate it from your diagnostic equation.
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