gsx cranks when power connected no key/not pressing start button

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97 GSX Ran great out on river till getting a 12v low error, took it in to dock, where it would not start again. got it on trailer and heard a sound like a bilge fan, right under airbox. (i am assuming it was starter spinning)
took off ground from battery, took it home and charged battery, as soon as i connected the negative terminal (dess key not on post), starter starts to crank.
replaced start button, and starter relay. Still same issue. if i unplug the switch lead to the starter relay (black and yellow wire in waterproof connector) then the starter doesn't crank, and 2 beeps when i put in dess key

I also just tested with a multimeter and there is a constant 12 v across the terminals on the plug that goes into the solenoid with a slight drop of .01 v when start button depressed
I tested the start button by putting the mpem in advanced mode, the start button works

any ideas where to look, I am assuming something inline in the yellow/black wire circuit is bad) Mpem?

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Sounds like the MPEM is bad to me but maby others can provide more diagnostic help
Quick update, I suspected Same, MPEM, so I ordered one from westside, It came in today, plugged new MPEM in and no Cranking till I hit start button, 1 problem solved, but new problem appeared. I have no spark, tested and replaced coil, still no spark, put a test light on white wire(hot) wire to coil, no light when cranking. tested the yellow wires to see if the magneto coil was within spec, it was. Where else do I look, I called westside and they think mpem they sent may be bad, and will send me another one to try.
Any ideas before I send Out MPEM, I want to rule out any other issues
What about the trigger coil in the magnito? That’s what tells the mpem and coil when to spark.
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