Good Part or Yard Art?

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Lake Sailor

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After hearing a shriek when hitting the start button, I am inspecting the starter and ring gear. Starter looks fine, but I'm not sure about the condition of the ring gear.

Ten or twelve teeth over two places on the ring gear look like the flank of the tooth is missing, ground away or whatever. Feeling around with my finger at the starter mount I have not found much metal shavings, but I haven't pulled the mag cover yet either.

So, question 1, is this a normal look for a 20+ year old flywheel? Question 2, would you trust this ring gear, or is it going to feed on itself? Question 3, can I find anything better in the used parts market?

TIA, and let me know if you need further info. Pic 1.jpgPic 2.jpg
Good part. Pulled the FW for a visual. Those worn flanks are maybe 1/32" deep against an overall tooth thickness of 3/8". Pics are misleading...

Made w/ cheapo Nidage wi-fi endoscope. Be advised.

Dressing the burrs and reinstalling.
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