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I have a 1997 Sportster that i bought for a project and need to figure out the gas system.
it has the 4 way valve at the tank and then there is another inline fuel filter/pump that i think was a add on. see attached picks. the filter/pump has 2 wires coming out attached to nothingIMG_4768.jpg


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so are you saying the filter/pump is not OEM?
Doesn't look it.. although thats just me speculating since I don't own your boat/boats just the skis. Although if your actual fuel filter/water seperator is the original I would probably replace that along with your fuel selector valve as cheap insurance, both of mine were clogged and junked from age and sitting for years with bad gas.

FuelFilterAssembly Includes 30 - 32. $26.99

Fuel Valve $33.99

Have you dug into the carbs at all?
gotcha. the carbs are a given as far as rebuilding them just really want to get the fuel there the right way and once again figure out what i really got going on.
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