fuel/carb problem - stuck and need help!

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My problem - I have a seadoo- Gtx Ltd that i recently took apart for the 4th or 5th time ( engine out- not inside engine). Cleaned everything and replaced the fuel lines. Once i reassembled it i found that the carb on the right was dumping fuel into the right cylinder. Took the spark plugs out and rotated the engine and it was a non stop gushing of fuel out of that cylinder. turned the fuel off and of course it stopped. took the exhaust and carbs off and upon taking the pulse tube off that goes to the rave solenoid lots of gas came out of that pulse port from the engine. Im lost does anyone have any thoughts? Also i rebuilt both carbs. everything went back together smoothly. thanks for any help!
well... the fuel can get in 2 ways.

1) If you think it's coming in via the pulse hose... then the pump diaphragm has a hole in it. (The clear plastic one)

2) The needle and seat are leaking.
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