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Fogging a new Spark


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We purchased a brand new spark in late August 2019. Due to weather and other things that happened we never got it in the water this year. I have done all of the winterization except the fogging. I was thinking that it wasn't necessary since it is brand new and never been in the water.

A friend of mine told me the other day that I still need to do the fogging. I already have it in storage for the year and we got hit with snow already so I would prefer to not have to get it back out.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Some people told me that I didn't need to fog a 4 stroke engine. Some people say the opposite. I decide to fog mine by myself for the first time.

Fogging your Spark should be easy if you can get to the spark plugs. First, disconnect the harness and remove the top connector (it is pretty long, almost 3-4 inches). If the holes look a bit dirty (since it wasn't used it should be all clean) spray some compressed air before removing the plugs (you should have three of them). Then remove the plugs and spray some fogging oil into the cylinders (give it a good shot each). Then, cover the plug holes with a clean rag and give your engine a crank for about five seconds. Then, spray some more in the cylinders, put back the plugs in and reconnect everything. Then disconnect the battery and you're all set!

For this task, I recommend that you apply some anti-seize Locktite 767 (it is grey, do not confuse with the glue!) on the spark plug threads when putting them back as well as a bit of dielectric grease on the top washer of the connector.

Hope this help.


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