Fixed mount VHF radio stuff...

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I want a longer ranger VHF. My handheld just isn't going to cut it if I decide to go 20-30 miles out, so I am going to 3D print this VHF antenna mount. I am still trying to decide on where to put the fixed-mount VHF radio and what VHF radio to get. If you have any suggestions or have done anything like this please let me know.


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So I ordered the special cable and antenna from New Zealand that will fit in the 3D-printed mount. I just need to decide on a radio and where to mount it. I may want an external speaker too. I see that some radios have NMEA networking to connect to the Garmin on my Fish Pro. I think I will integrate that as well. More to come when I get the items.

I have ordered a 3D printer to make the mount for the antenna. I want to make a lot of other 3d printed items too. If it works out well I can make other people the antenna mount too if you want. I will keep you updated.