Fishpro carbon seal

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Is this normal?IMG_1983.JPG
There’s a black line that across the bottom of the hull coming from the carbon ring?
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i believe so, that looks to be a normal amount of carbon seal residue . older models had a shield containing the mess from the seal , leaving it unnoticed . unfortunately
seadoo get cheap no shield. keep an eye on the seal itself measurement size . it is a wear item .i think it is something that should also be looked at once in awhile when ski is in water running ,to make sure you dont have a large leak. i believe they all leak a little when running and under speed the pressure is great.. of course many will disagree, just my experience and 2 cent
Many of us operate skis with carbon seals that do not show any black lines in our hull. For some reason operators of the newer fish pro are seeing this. One operator on our forum had the same issue and had a subsequent carbon seal failure which lead to the ski taking on water. If it were my ski I would consider it out of the ordinary and caused by a mis aligned drive shaft or loose motor mounts. If it was under warranty it would be going back to the dealer.
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