Fish pro Trophy 2022 - Battery Question

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Hi All

I have the 2022 Fishpro trophy with the dual battery that comes standard.


Are these 2 batteries in parallel? Or is one for starting and one for instruments only?


I have been told that attaching a high quality charger cable with a plug that allows trickle charging whenever the ski is in storage is best for battery.

does anyone else have the charging cable attached so it’s a simple plug and charge while the battery remains connected?

The Fish Pro Trophy and Sport which has a second Battery is only for Accessories. So, you don't have a second available Cranking Battery. I fit lots of Dual Batteries on all model Jetskis but haven't worked out a system for these yet. While you're at it get rid of that Live Bait Pump and seal the through hole up in the Hull it's a disaster waiting to happen.