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Electrical converter or stater bad on my 2011 Sea Doo Challenger 180


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Bought this boat in july...only 19 hours on it! Battery was brand new, seller gave me receipt. Problem all summer has been that the battery doesn't charge. Went through and checked a bunch of fuses (found a couple unrelated that were blown and replaced).

This past week with my son he pulled apart a modular plug between the electric converter and the stater...the connection was black like it had i'm guess therein lies my problem. I have read plenty on here that this an unfortunate common problem. Thing is i don't know whether this means the electrical converter is bad, whether i can just replace that wire/modular plug between the converter and stater or if the stater itself is bad.

I'll be putting it in the shop soon for winterization so would like to have an idea in advance how best to determine the fault...appreciate any suggestions yo!


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I have no direct experience with the Challenger line, but basic electric knowledge about Seadoo in general and your descriptions are telling me: black burnt plug = high voltage / over voltage potentially.

The stator produces AC voltage, the rectifier converts that voltage to DC for the boat and the ignition coil. If your boat battery is not staying charged, the fault could be either a bad stator or a bad rectifier or the plug is shot between the two.....start with the low cost items the plug/wires and see what happens, then the rectifier/regulator (but test the voltage at the battery after the plug/wires are addressed) should see a good steady voltage of 13.5 VDC+ at the battery with a running boat. IF it's bouncing around everywhere...the rectifier is probably bad.....but before I replaced that, I'd check all the wiring /harnesses/ plugs and connections for continuity and can also measure the output voltage directly out of the rectifier with boat running (should be 13.5 vdc +).

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